Ask The Disney Moms-Are Certain Days at the Park Less Crowded?


Planning for crowd levels is a big focus for many vacationers!

Planning for crowd levels is a big focus for many vacationers!

This question comes from Sarah who writes:

I was wondering if it was better to go to the Magic Kingdom and other Disney Parks on any certain days of the week? I was thinking of booking our trip (flying in on Sunday)  and going to the parks Monday-Wednesday and heading home Thursday. Thinking that there would be a large(r) Thursday-Sunday crowd than Monday-Wednesday crowd.

Excellent question, Sarah!

When planning a trip to the parks certainly crowd levels are a big factor in deciding when to go and what parks to attend on any given day. As a general rule I do think that Tuesdays through Thursday is a bit less crowded as many folks will extend sandwich vacation days around a weekend adding to park crowds on both Mondays and Fridays. During the weekends the crowd levels, especially on Saturdays will be higher as local residents tend to come and enjoy the parks. All of this being said, I do not think it is so much a concern of which day you are going, but which month and which week.

Let me explain. September is the month when both grade school and college students go back to the classroom. For this reason you will find most days in September to have very low crowds whether it is a weekday or weekend. Come June, after the first week, it is crowded no matter which day you pick all the way through the last week in August.

You also need to be aware of Monday holidays such as Veterans Day, Presidents Day, and Columbus Day. These holidays will ensure that Monday crowds will be high and that people will again sandwich vacation days around these days off.

When I begin to formulate a trip, the first thing I do is head to I have a subscription to the site which is the best eleven bucks I have ever spent. I can pull up a crowd calendar which details crowd levels for every day of the year at every park. They rate the crowds on a 1-10 scale with 1 being the least and 10 being the most crowded. I think anything under a 5 or even a 6 is really a manageable crowd. I try to plan trips that have days in the 3 and 4 levels if possible. If I can get there during the 1 crowd levels I am ecstatic!

If you do end up having to be at the parks during a high crowd level day I suggest heading to Epcot which is a bigger park that can handle crowds a bit better. If you are visiting one of the other three parks I suggest arriving before park opening. This will allow you into the parks with low crowds that will grow as the day goes on. I also highly suggest using the fastpass system and having a good plan for visiting the attractions!

I hope this has helped you understand Disney crowds a bit more!

Jess is an agent with Pixie Vacations. She writes for and has her own blog and facebook page she invites you to check out!

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Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is a moderate resort with 2,112 rooms in 33 buildings.  6 beautifully designed villages named after various islands ( Barbados, Martinique, Aruba, Jamaica, Trinidad North, and Trinidad South) surround a 45 acre lake, Barefoot Bay.

When arriving “home” your first stop will be “The Custom House”, this is where you check in, bell serve, concierge, and the front desk.  Once your all checked in, CBR (Caribbean Beach Resort) has an internal bus to take you to your village bus stop.  Yes, an internal bus.  This is a big resort, however you wouldn’t know it.  If you’d rather take a stroll there is a 1.4 mile paved path around Barefoot Bay .


When checking in, I would suggest requesting a 1st floor room.  Each building has 3 floors, but no elevators.  Preferred rooms are Trinidad North or Martinique and are closest to Centertown.

What’s to eat!?  Head over to Centertown to Market Street for quick service meals or to Shutters, a beautiful sit down restaurant.

Caribbean Beach Resort3

Looking for that special Disney item?  Calypso Trading Post and Straw Market, should have it.  Don’t forget to pick up a Coconut “Post Card”.

Most rooms are standard Disney rooms with 2 double beds.  You can choose from standard, water/pool view, or preferred room.   There are a few with 1 King size beds.  All rooms have a safe and coffee maker in the room.   Looking for a Pirate Adventure?  You’re in luck!  CBR has Pirate themed Rooms.  Yo Ho… Yo Ho….

Pirate room

Does CBR have a pool?  Glad you asked!  CBR has 9, yes NINE pools!  At the Centertown there is a fantastic Pirate themed pool, wading pool and whirlpool and there is one pool in each village.  All the pools are heated and don’t forget a towel from your room as they are not available from the pool areas.

Each village has a beach area with lounge chairs, perfect for relaxing after a long day in the parks.  But, don’t think about swimming in Barefoot Bay.  No swimming allowed in there, plus, I’ve seen lots of turtles swimming around.

There are lots of activities to do at CBR.  There are 3 playgrounds (Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad South), or go to Barefoot Bay Marina (it’s over by Centertown) and rent a small boat or bike.  You can even do a fishing excursion!

CBR also has an arcade, hair wrapping, and laundry facilities.

I think you will enjoy your stay.  Savvy?

UsBrande Grieder – My crew and I hail from New Jersey.  I love to cook, go to the beach, and of course we are Disney Addicts!  I’m always on the search for best deals and happening for our next trip to Mickey’s House!

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Disney Dreaming Part 1

In the summer of 2011, we sailed away on a 4 night Bahamian cruise on the Disney Dream.  We had never been on a cruise before.  We booked our cruise over 1 year in advance.  We first spent 10 days in Disney World and then on to The Dream.  My parents joined us for the last couple of nights at Disney World and then on the cruise.  My daughter’s were 6 and 2 at the time.  We all had a blast!

Since we were staying on a Disney Resort the bus to Port Canaveral picked us up from there, unlike the free magical transportation from the airport, there is a $75 per person charge to be taken to the Cruise ship port.  Keep that in mind when budgeting.

Having never been on a cruise before we were a little bit nervous, but there was no need to worry.  Our group ranged from 2 years old to 63 years old and there really was something for everyone on the cruise.


We figured that since we were only sailing for 4 days and didn’t expect to spend too much time in our stateroom that an inside stateroom would suffice and save us money as well.  The inside staterooms feature a magical porthole that displays what you would see from an ocean view room, along with some Disney friends dropping by occasionally.


Since the The Dream is registered in the Bahamas, and our ports of call are in the Bahamas as well, you begin by going through customs.  Luckily, being from Canada, we went into the international visitors line, which was mercifully much shorter.  Although, Disney is very efficient with boarding.

Every guest is announced and welcomed upon entering The Dream.  The first impression of the ship is breathtaking.

Admiral Donald Duck

Admiral Donald Duck


Their is a gorgeous chandelier that hangs from the ceiling.  The ship itself is a huge and a bit overwhelming at first.




It is mandatory to participate in the Muster Drill in case of emergencies.  We were lucky and our meeting point was in the air conditioned theater.  My parents weren’t so lucky, and they had to line up on deck in the blazing heat.

The cruise truly begins with the SAIL AWAY party.  Everyone gathers on the main deck and it was very crowded.  It was also our first glimpse of the Aqua Duck!  We didn’t think ahead to put our bathing suits in our carry on, but some smarter travelers wasted no time getting into the pools.  Our suitcases took a little while longer to get to our stateroom.  There is a lot going on at the party, with so many people it was easier to follow along on the big screens set up.

IMG_1200 IMG_1189

Sail Away Party

Sail Away Party

IMG_1195 Main Deck

And so we embarked on our first cruise adventure!  More to come next month on dining, children’s activities, Castaway Cay, The Spa, tipping, shows and excursions.  If there is anything else you’d like to know about the Disney Dream, please comment and I can discuss it in my next blog!

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Disney Horses

What do you do when your daughter is not so into the princesses, but would love to meet their horses?  Take her to meet the horses of course!

untitled 1

Your first stop should be the Tri-Circle-D Ranch, home to Cinderella’s Ponies and the majestic horses seen in the Magic Kingdom Park!  The Tri-Circle–D Ranch is located at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.


Tri-Circle-D Ranch

Stable tours are self-guided and free. You’ll be amazed at the variety of breeds that live at the Ranch, including Appaloosas, Arabians, Belgians, Clydesdales, paint horses, Percherons, quarter horses, and Shetland ponies. While you are there, look for the Dragon Calliope—the horse-drawn musical instrument that Walt Disney purchased for the Mickey Mouse Club Circus Parade at DisneylandPark in the 1950s.


Disney’s Calliope

If there is room in your vacation budget, consider taking a trail ride.  At the current price of $46 per person, this can be pricy, but well worth it! Kids 9 years of age and up can imagine visiting their royal kingdom during a 45-minute guided horseback ride that leaves the Tri-Circle-D Ranch and heads through the scenic natural woodlands of Central Florida. This ride is perfect for inexperienced riders who dream of horses! For safety reasons, cameras are not allowed during the trail ride so take lots of pictures at the stables!  It’s best to make advanced reservations for this activity by calling 407-WDW-PLAY (939-7529).  Children too young for the trail ride may enjoy the Pony Rides available at the Ranch. No reservations are required. Pony rides are available from 10 AM – 4:30PM and cost $5 + tax. Children must be over age 2 and less than 80 pounds to ride.

fortwilderness wagon rides

Wagon rides at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds and Resort

Are your horse lovers in love with Spirit, the wild stallion who ruled the plains during the days of cowboys and Indians?  Head out for an old-fashion, horse-drawn wagon ride through Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. Available on a first-come, first-served basis, wagon rides depart daily at 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM (weather permitting) from the front of Pioneer Hall.  These 45-minute wagon rides cost $8 for Guests ages 10 and up and $5 for Guests 3 to 9 years of age.  While you are there, take in the Chip-n-Dale Campfire Sing-A-Long followed by a free outdoor movie.  If you are visiting during Halloween and Christmas, look for the themed carriage rides.


Carriage rides at Port Orleans Riverside Resort

Is The Princess and the Frog your favorite Disney movie? Head over to the Port Orleans Riverside Resort for a taste of New Orleans.  This resort offers Horse-drawn carriage rides nightly from 6PM – 9:30PM in front of Boatwright’s Dining Hall. Up to four adults or two adults and three children will fit in the carriage. You may bring your own beverage along for the ride. Carriage rides last approximately 30 minutes and cost $45. They can be arranged by calling the recreation number for Disney at (407) 939-7529. Don’t forget to look for Evangeline and Ray Ray in the night skies!


Main Street USA Trolley

Next, head over to the MagicKingdom.  There you can see the giant Percherons pulling beautiful trolleys on Main Street USA.  Riding the trolley is as simple as hopping on! Mornings are the best time to ride the trolley.


Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel

Let the magic continue with a ride on Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel. When Disney acquired it, the company artists refurbished the 90 horses so that no two are exactly alike. There are eighteen hand- painted scenes that tell the story of Cinderella on the wooden canopy that covers this attraction.  Today, the Carrousel is the oldest attraction in Fantasyland.


Cinderella’s Coach

The most treasured horses at Disney are those that pull Cinderella’s Coach.  This coach is led by six white Dapper Dan ponies and accompanied by three coachmen.  The coach is available for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and occasionally appears in parades.  Ask the concierge at your resort if they can discover when the Coach will be picking up a bride at the Grand Floridian.  If it works into your schedule, take a break from the parks and watch someone’s dream come true as the bride heads to her royal ball!


Angus from the movie Brave

A trip to Disney would not be complete without souvenirs!  Horse lovers can embark on a treasure hunt through the shops to find plush versions of Bulls Eye from Toy Story, Maximus from Tangled, Angus from Brave, or Cinderella’s coach horse.  Be certain to browse the pins at the pin stops.  You just never know when you’ll find a horse pin!

Bulls Eye Pin

If your Orlando vacation does not include a stay at the Disney resorts, or if you are willing to leave the resort for some fun, here are two additional great options for enjoying horses:  Arabian Nights and Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.  Both of these venues are dinner shows staged in an arena, where you, the guests, enjoy a meal while the story plays out before you.

Arabian Nights Dinner Attraction

Arabian Nights current featured production, The American Princess, is a lighthearted tale of adventure and romance.  On her 21st birthday, an all-American girl and champion rider discovers that she is actually the Princess Scheherazade. Along with her genie Abracadabra, Princess Scheherazade takes the audience on a magical journey around the world to find her prince – who must love horses as much as she does.  This dinner show features ten (10) different breeds of horses!  For more information, visit

The Medieval Knights and their Majestic Steeds

   Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament features a Kings and Queens, medieval-style games, sword-fighting, and jousting housed in a replica 11th-century castle.  The stars of the show are the Quarter Horses, Andalusians, Friesians, Menorcans, and the Pure Spanish Horses that carry the Royal Court and their Knights as the story unfolds. In addition to the dinner and jousting tournaments, you will enjoy spectacular dressage performances by the horses and a live flight of the Royal Falcon.  For more information, visit

Just a few of the horses that have been featured in Disney movies

Over the years, the Disney movies have featured lots of horses.  Search for them in murals, displays, on merchandise, and elsewhere in the Parks.

May all your dreams of horses come true!

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7 Must Do's at EPCOT

German Pavilion

1. Enjoy a table service meal at a restaurant you’ve never eaten at before. 

Two table services that may not be on your radar are the Biergarten Restaurant in Germany and Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco. Both restaurants have entertainment while you dine.

2. Enjoy an adult beverage.  

There are so many amazing wines, beers & speciality cocktails that you must try one (or two or three or four….)

3.  Take in some of the beautiful scenery.

I love going to the back of the United Kingdom and sit in the gardens. It’s usually quiet and a great place to take a few minutes to yourself.

4. Enjoy The Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps

Located in front of the United States pavilion and is a lot of fun.

5. Have yourself another table service meal.

Via Napoli in Italy is a new family favorite.

6. Take time to look for the small details.

The different pavilions are all amazing!

Epcot gondola, Grand Canal, Epcot Italian Pavilion, Via Napoli Epcot, Epcot restaurant

9.  Shop in places you never thought of before.

My family loves to collect ornaments and each country has their own. We even bought a pickle ornament 🙂

10. Ride a Friendship boat.   

At Mexico, I had to kill some time before my dinner reservation, so I decided to take my first-ever ride on a Friendship boat.  At a lively speed of just seven mph, with a queue that can be lengthy, we always felt it was just quicker to walk to our Epcot destination.  Friendship I  took me on a leisurely cruise from Mexico back to Germany.  Did you know that each of the 8 Friendship vessels has its own custom color?  I had never noticed.  The Friendship I has pink-trimmed windows and a blue-striped roof.  I think one of my new hobbies will be to spot all 8.

And that was it; that was 10 new experiences that I totally enjoyed.

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Disney's Boardwalk Inn

Come step back in time with me, let’s travel to Disney’s Boardwalk Inn.  The “Boardwalk” is a deluxe resort and within walking distance to not just EPCOT (5 minutes) but, Hollywood Studios (15 to 20 minutes on foot) too!  Across the Crescent Lake are 2 additional hotels (Yacht & Beach Clubs), in addition Swan & Dolphin are a short jaunt over a bridge or two.

Boardwalk 1

There are 378 rooms at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn and shares the property with Disney’s Vacation Club Boardwalk Villas.  The “Boardwalk” has room service, a business center, concierge and laundry services, banquet and meeting facilities and valet parking (additional fee).  Child care services are also available.  There are small refrigerators in the rooms, as well as small coffee makers.  Let me not forget about Muscles and Bustles Health Club for your fitness needs.

Did you forget your toothbrush?  No problem, head over to Dundry’s Sundries (located off the lobby) or the Screen Door General Store (on the board).

Transportation options at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn – Climb aboard the Friendship Boat.  The boat will take you to EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Yacht & Beach Club, Swan and/or Dolphin resorts.  You will need to take a bus to any other Disney location.  The bus stop door is right off the lobby.

Let’s talk food, once on the boards you can head to numerous eateries.

Flying Fish – serves fresh fish and steaks.  You can watch your dinner be prepared as there is an open kitchen.

Go to The ESPN Club to watch a game and grab a snack, drink, or burger.

The Boardwalk Bakery is not to be missed.  The smells coming out of the bakery can make you weak in the knees.  There is usually a line in the morning, but it’s completely understandable.

Boardwalk 3

Kouzzina by Food Network Chef Cat Cora is a Mediterranean restaurant.

Big River Grille and Brewing Works offers micro-brewed beers.  Have a cold one while enjoying beer breads, salads, and burgers.

Don’t forget the take out Pizza Window, Leaping Horse Libations at Luna Park and Seashore Sweets!

Or try The Belle Vue Lounge if you want to sit and relax with a coffee or cocktail.

The pool or Luna Park has a 200 foot waterside called the “Keister Coaster”.  The theme is a carnival – The “Keister Coaster”resembles an old wooden coaster, there are elephants playfully spraying you too!  Looking for something a little quieter?  Disney’s Boardwalk Inn has 2 additional pools Inn’s Rose Garden Courtyard or Community Hall in the Villas.

Boardwalk 2

Looking for some fun at night?  Even if you’re not staying at the “Boardwalk” come over for an evening of fun!  There are entertainers, food vendors, games, jugglers, magic shows, and hand wax molds!

Looking for something for the over 21 crowd?  Do you like music?  It can get loud and rowdy, but boy is it fun!  Welcome to Jellyrolls, they have dueling pianos.  Don’t tell me your not going to sing, because you will!  Or head over to Atlantic Dance, where you can dance the night away.

Have a Magical Day!

UsBrande Grieder – My crew and I hail from New Jersey. I love to cook, go to the beach, and of course we are Disney Addicts! I’m always on the search for best deals and happening for our next trip to Mickey’s House!

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Disney Christmas Decorating

While I’ve seen some people go all out with Disney Christmas Decorations, and I do mean ALL OUT!  I prefer to have a few really nice pieces to decorate our house from Disney as a nice reminder of all the fun we’ve had at Disney over the years.

One of the first things we do when we arrive at Port Orleans Riverside for our vacation is hop into the boat to Downtown Disney and head over to the Christmas Store.  We like to pick an ornament to have it personalized.  It’s best not to leave it to the last minute, because last time we were there they needed 48 hours to personalize an ornament.  For an extra cost they will even ship it home for you, so you don’t have to worry about your ornament breaking, although, they pack them so well, we’ve never had a problem packing them in our suitcase or carry on.  You can also get many of the same items on the Disney Store online.

Christmas 2011 Ornament

Christmas 2011 Ornament

Christmas Ornament 2007

Christmas Ornament 2007

A word of warning, there are so many beautiful Christmas decorations at the Disney Days of Christmas Shop, it’s difficult to not to leave with something for Christmas!  They have all of your favourite characters.  We couldn’t resist some really pretty ornaments.

Mickey & Minnie Bell Ornaments

Mickey & Minnie Bell Ornaments

Belle Ornament

Belle Ornament

Tinkerbell Ornament

Tinkerbell Ornament

This year we needed a new skirt for our Christmas tree, and while I’ve had my eye on the Victorian Mickey & Minnie theme for some time now, the kids decided that they liked the Mickey & Friends skirt the best.

Mickey & Friends Tree Skirt

Mickey & Friends Tree Skirt

We have also been given some really cute Disney decorations as gifts, like this snow globe:

Snow Globe

Snow Globe

And of course Christmas morning has us in our matching Mickey & Minnie pajamas!

Matching Pjs!

Matching Pjs!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and every happiness in the New Year!

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Resort hopping at Christmas time

Have you ever went resort hopping at Disney World? If you have, you know how fun this can be. If you haven’t you should try it sometime. At Christmas, resort hopping can be even more magical with all the decorations and trees set up.

Our family enjoys going and looking at other resorts, but going to look at the Christmas decorations was a dream I just had to accomplish. On a recent trip we were able to do just that. Oh, how magical that trip was. Someday I will get there again at Christmas time and see all the decorations again. In the meantime, I have all my memories of that trip.

Here is a few of my favorite resorts and some of their decorations.

The Grand Floridian


At this resort there is a grand Christmas tree and the gingerbread house. This gingerbread house was amazing. It had so much detail. I just can’t imagine how long it took to create this house from start to finish. For a special treat you can buy a mini gingerbread house that they are selling from a store inside this gingerbread house.


The Contemporary


Inside the Contemporary you can see another gingerbread creation. This time it is a tree. In my opinion not as spectacular as the gingerbread house, but it is still cool to see what they can create out of gingerbread.

The Wilderness Lodge


We had not been to the Wilderness Lodge before this trip and I was blown away by the resort. Inside this resort there is a huge Christmas tree. As some of the decorations there were teepee’s, canoes and even dear antler’s.

The Port Orleans Resort Riverside


Again you find another Christmas tree.

These are only some of the wonderful decorations you can see at the Disney resorts at Walt Disney World. I don’t think pictures really capture the true spectacular sight these decorations were. Going there in person is the only way to truly experience Christmas time at Disney World. I hope you are able to go at Christmas time sometime to see all the wonderful decorations.

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Hidden Fun Attractions within the Disney Theme Parks

_DSC07332Disney offers many exciting attractions within their theme parks which are obvious and can be seen from the park maps. However, there are also many things to see and experience in Disney that are not found on the park maps!

Here are a few of these hidden Disney attractions:

  • Ride the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios.  Once inside, be sure to prop a penny on your knee to see if it will float.  Many say it does!  Let us know if you see yours floating!
  • Find a Hidden Mickey within the attractions in all of the theme parks.  There are many books telling where to find them within the parks by Steve Barrett.  Find Steve and his books at
  • Have a cast member explain the Windows on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.  These help you gain a better understanding how the theme parks came to be as they are today!
  • Have your children attempt to open the doors within The Boneyard in DinoLand USA in Animal Kingdom.
  • Look for PUSH the talking trash can in Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom.
  • Stop in Club Cool in EPCOT for sips of various types of sodas from around the World!

These are just a few.  Please feel free to also leave your list of fun hidden attractions found in Disney for others to also get to experience!

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Meet Duffy the Bear!

Meeting the characters at the Walt Disney World resort is one of the highlights of traveling to the most magical place on earth. Our toddler, lovingly named Lil’, couldn’t wait to get his arms around Mickey, give Pluto a high five and get a kiss on the cheek from Minnie. On our first day at EPCOT, we headed over to the World Showcase to enjoy all that Mexico had to offer. During our stroll, we stumbled across a character Lil’ didn’t know but was interested to meet. I personally knew little about this character but I knew enough to explain to Lil’ that he was Duffy the Bear, he was Mickey Mouse’s bear. So, we waited in line as I watched Lil’ occasionally peer around the crowd to check out this life size teddy bear and answer questions about who Lil’ was about to meet.
We finally made it to the front of the line and after a moment of hesitation, Lil’ ran over and dove into a Duffy hug, nearly knocking the bear over. I don’t know what it was about Duffy, but Lil’ didn’t want to let that first hug go. We finally got him to turn for a picture with a new favorite. After leaving the line, we had to find out everything we could about Duffy the Bear. We knew the who, he is Mickey’s stuffed bear, but we didn’t know the how.
As the story goes, Mickey was alway traveling and missed his friends while away. One day, Minnie decided to make a stuffed bear to accompany Mickey on his travels and remind him of those who care about him back home. Mickey was thrilled to have this new gift and cheerfully took Duffy with him. Mickey and Duffy went on many adventures during their travels together, becoming good friends and helping Mickey cope with being homesick.
Along with being about to meet Duffy the Bear at EPCOT, you can also take home your very own Duffy the Bear (available in multiple sizes, prices vary), buy your new friend clothes, purchase the storybook of Duffy the Bear and more. One size Duffy bear even fits many of the Build-a-bear brand clothing, so the options go beyond the park.
Moments after leaving our meeting of Duffy the Bear, Lil’ had to have his own. Our little boy has never been one to enjoy stuffed toys but for some reason, he really wanted Duffy. We purchased it for him and our Duffy visited several parks while on our trip this past fall and has been snuggled with every night when Lil’ goes to bed. Duffy is a true friend to Lil’ and it is heart warming to see him enjoy a toy so much!
So, next time you visit the Walt Disney World resort, stop by the Duffy pavilion at EPCOT to meet Mickey’s bear and give him a hug! You might just find a new favorite too!


Jordan is a stay-at-mom to an energetic 2 1/2 year old son, lovingly nicknamed Lil’ for blogging purposes and wife to her wonderful high school sweetheart, nick named Husband. Jordan has been a long time Disney fan both at home and visiting the parks throughout her childhood, as a teen, adult and recently for the first time, as a mom. Jordan is excited to be a part of this wonderful group of ladies at The Disney Moms! See more of Jordan’s writing on her blog, Speaking of Disney.

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