Resort hopping at Christmas time

Have you ever went resort hopping at Disney World? If you have, you know how fun this can be. If you haven’t you should try it sometime. At Christmas, resort hopping can be even more magical with all the decorations and trees set up.

Our family enjoys going and looking at other resorts, but going to look at the Christmas decorations was a dream I just had to accomplish. On a recent trip we were able to do just that. Oh, how magical that trip was. Someday I will get there again at Christmas time and see all the decorations again. In the meantime, I have all my memories of that trip.

Here is a few of my favorite resorts and some of their decorations.

The Grand Floridian


At this resort there is a grand Christmas tree and the gingerbread house. This gingerbread house was amazing. It had so much detail. I just can’t imagine how long it took to create this house from start to finish. For a special treat you can buy a mini gingerbread house that they are selling from a store inside this gingerbread house.


The Contemporary


Inside the Contemporary you can see another gingerbread creation. This time it is a tree. In my opinion not as spectacular as the gingerbread house, but it is still cool to see what they can create out of gingerbread.

The Wilderness Lodge


We had not been to the Wilderness Lodge before this trip and I was blown away by the resort. Inside this resort there is a huge Christmas tree. As some of the decorations there were teepee’s, canoes and even dear antler’s.

The Port Orleans Resort Riverside


Again you find another Christmas tree.

These are only some of the wonderful decorations you can see at the Disney resorts at Walt Disney World. I don’t think pictures really capture the true spectacular sight these decorations were. Going there in person is the only way to truly experience Christmas time at Disney World. I hope you are able to go at Christmas time sometime to see all the wonderful decorations.


About Karen

Karen is a homeschooling mom to 3 wonderful kids and is married to her best friend. Karen is considered the Disney addict of the family. She loves anything and everything about Disney. She blogs about Disney World at Exploring the Mouse.
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One Response to Resort hopping at Christmas time

  1. Oh wow! I bet the Wilderness Lodge is just amazing all dressed up for Christmas. I’ll have to get over there for a peek.

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