Disney Inspired Nail Art

When I go to Walt Disney World, I love to be spruced up head to toe in everything Disney!  I usually get my hair done, some new clothes, and my nails done too! It is really nice to feel fresh for vacation! So today,  I am going to show you some Disney inspired nail designs you might want to try out on your next vacation!

These are my nails on our last trip to Walt Disney World! I love to stick with a classic Minnie Mouse theme.  When I choose to get a fun design I usually stick with it on one finger (ring) on each hand.  That way no matter what I am wearing at the Parks, or anywhere else, it wont clash with my outfit too much! Below is another example of Minnie Mouse Nail art on the whole hand! Again this design is super cute!

If you aren’t into Minnie Mouse there are tons of designs for you as well! Check out this super fun “Up” theme I have seen floating around the internet!

No matter who your favorite character is there is a Disney inspired nail design for you! Just make sure you go to a good nail salon to get it done! Don’t be afraid to ask to see pictures of your nail techs work before you have them do a detailed design.  It is your hard earned money and you want to be happy with the results!


About Jackie

My name is Jackie and I am a young wife and stay at home mom! I am the writer of the blog Delightfully Disney.com which is a family travel blog dedicated to all things Walt Disney World! Being a Cosmetologist by trade I love all things hair, makeup and fashion and love incorporating them into daily life.... even at Disney!
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