Contest – Safetytat Helping You Have Piece of Mind when in Disney with a Toddler

When my son was 18 months old, we took our first vacation to Disney World alone together.  On this particular day, we were in the Magic Kingdom and had just finished enjoying the fireworks display.  Knowing that the crowds would be massive, I decided that we would duck in the stores to help us make our way more easily to the front of Main Street.

My son was walking ahead of me as I pushed the stroller which was only holding an expensive camera and my purse.  As we got to the store portion that included the toys, my son went crazy and quickly ran to the wall including all of the plush toys.  With the largest stroller, I was not quite as quick as I needed to be.  Thinking fast, I grabbed my items from the stroller and went to where my son had walked.  However, he was no longer there but was quickly walking through the people traffic from one toy to the other despite my calling his name.  Quickly he got away from me and I could not spy him.

Crazed with panic, I moved to the dead center of the store and began screaming his name.  I remember seeing several people close-by look over at me like I had completely lost my mind.  Luckily though, there was two other people who helped me scan the room and find my son within minute.

Being a reflective person, I still look back on that experience and get a bit panicky with the what ifs that that situation could have led to.  It was soon after this that I came across the company SafetytatThe Disney MomsThis company creates temporary safety tattoo product for children so parents can write in their phone number or add other needed information right there on the tattoo.  The products are adorable, easy to apply and can last on your child for up to 2 weeks.  The company’s newest products include a scannable QR code to reveal allergy and other information about a child.  The tattoos give parents peace of mind when considering that most toddlers, just learning to speak, do not know their parent’s name or their phone number.

After seeing these products, I wanted to be able to offer a giveaway for our readers!  So, this week, we are offering a giveaway to one lucky reader for a set of 3 temporary safety tattoos!

Here is how to enter:

The contest ends at midnight on March 3, 2012.  The best of luck on winning a set of these Safetytat’s Safety Tattoos for your little one!  If you are interested in purchasing some of your own Safetytats, here is a link!


About Natalie H.

I live in Tennessee as a wife, mother, writer, and CPA. I enjoy writing articles about Disney and other favorite travel destinations. Find me on Twitter and Facebook. Also, be sure to check out my book Strategies for Paying for Disney where you can learn how to save your money so you can afford the Disney vacation you want!
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