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Ringing in the New Year at Walt Disney World

The holidays are in full swing at Walt Disney World Resort, with festive decorations, spirited shows, and holiday parades and parties to bah away any scrooge’s humbugs. Celebrations continue as the year draws to a close, ringing in 2013 with … Continue reading

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9 Disney Thanksgiving Crafts & Recipes

Here in the United States, we celebrate a special holiday in the fall called Thanksgiving. It’s a special time to remember and express gratitude for those brave men and women who left their homelands and journeyed to an unknown land. … Continue reading

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Spending Christmas Holidays at Disney World? Prepare Your Kids For This…

By Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess. Debates will rage as to when is the best time to visit Walt Disney World. I am a public high school teacher, so it’s hard for me to play hookey and travel to Orlando while school … Continue reading

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Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Luau Dinner Show

Spirit of Aloha is an all-you-care-to-eat, family-style luau and stage performance featuring hula dancing and fire-baton entertainment at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Held in a covered, open-air dinner theater along the scenic shores of Seven Seas Lagoon, the show is a … Continue reading

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Question: What about the Water at Walt Disney World?

The Disney Moms reader, JOY, asks: Going to Disney for the first time. I want to drink plenty of water, but I heard the water tastes bad there. Any suggestions on how to get my water without spending a fortune … Continue reading

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Do the Memories of Disney Vacations Shape the Lives of Our Children?

By Amanda from Disney’s Cheapskate Princess.com I witnessed a proposal at the Magic Kingdom in early June, sitting quietly beside my three teen/pre-teen age children waiting for the Magic, Memories, and You! show to begin.  It reminded me that love is precious, … Continue reading

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Looking to Show the World You Love Disney? Put Something Here…

Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess.com There are Disney fans, and then there are Disney fans! You know the kind…Disney t-shirt, Mickey Mouse ear rings, Cinderella Castle key ring, and what is that on their car? You guessed it…something Disney. We spend an … Continue reading

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Kids Want to Do This on Vacation, But Will You Let Them?

Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess.com Kids want to do this on vacation, but chances are, you will not give them all the time they want. Why? Because Disney vacations are expensive, sometimes over-whelming, and time spent here equals money you think … Continue reading

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When Do You Tell The Kids You are Headed to Disney World?

By Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess.com Every time the Disney commercial comes on TV with unsuspecting kids opening a pizza box announcing a trip to Disney, I tear up. I tear up at any Disney commercial, but that’s beside the point.  … Continue reading

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Pregnant at Disney? Here’s a Survival Guide

I’ve been to Disney while I was pregnant. In fact, I pushed a stroller with two toddlers while I was pregnant. It wasn’t that traumatic, in fact, I had a good time. I have a good time at Disney no … Continue reading

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