The Disney Junior Dance Party at Hollywood Studios

During my countless hours of Disney research, pre-WDW trip we took this fall, I stumbled across a mention of a little known dance party hosted at the Disney Junior Live! On Stage building at Hollywood Studio, only on nights with extra magic hours. Now, Lil’ loves music and dancing, so I made it a must do on our trip itinerary!

Other then the high level information I was able to locate regarding this topic, I wasn’t totally sure what to expect when we showed up to the party. Let me just say that the Disney Junior Dance Party was one of the most exciting things that we did all trip, it was such a treat for each of us!

The night we attended the dance party, we also had dinner reservations at Mama Melrose, so we didn’t show up until after 7:30pm. The cast members requested to see our keys to the world before entering the same location of the Disney Junior Live! On Stage show, since it was after the park had closed to the public. Upon entering, music was flowing from a DJ on the main stage, lights were flashing and characters were dancing with children all around them. The whole scene made me smile! When we arrived, the characters in attendance were none other than Disney Junior’s Handy Manny and Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates but if Disney Junior characters aren’t your family’s fancy, shortly after we arrived, out came Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto in their classic garb ready to dance around the floor. Also on rotation that we saw that night was Annie and Quincy from Little Einsteins.

Top left going clockwise: Exterior of the Disney Junior Live! On Stage building at night; Party goers dancing with Mickey (notice there isn’t a mob of people around him… it’s because it isn’t overly crowded which makes it even more fun), Minnie and Handy Manny; The party DJ on the main stage; Lil’ waiting for his balloon creation

The DJ started out playing similar music found on Radio Disney and popular Disney classic remixes. I knew almost all of them, husband on the other hand knew hardly any but later the DJ started playing music that was currently popular on public radio. I enjoyed both sets and so did Lil’!

Beyond music, lights, characters and dancing, there were also free balloon artists and bubbles floating from the ceiling every so often, which deserves its own mention since bubbles seems to be such a hit with the kids!

The characters had some great moves on the dance floor! They got down, jumped up and turned around all sorts of ways. It was so much fun watching Goofy and Mickey join in with the current hit pop song ‘Gangnam Style’ dance when the song hit the speakers too!

Top left going clockwise: Lil’ gettin’ down with Mickey Mouse; Lil’ clearly having a wonderful time at the dance party jumping and dancing through the bubbles; Lil’ dancing with Quincy; Lil’ taking a whirl with Jake; Lil’ enjoying a spin around the room with Handy Manny

My review of this event is 5 stars, A+, two thumbs up! A must do for anyone that wants to dance the night away with some of their favorite characters, listen to some fun music and have a great time in general! Check the Hollywood Studios calendar for dates of their night-time extra magic hours if you would like to attend.


Jordan is a stay-at-mom to an energetic 2 1/2 year old son, lovingly nicknamed Lil’ for blogging purposes and wife to her wonderful high school sweetheart, nick named Husband. Jordan has been a long time Disney fan both at home and visiting the parks throughout her childhood, as a teen, adult and recently for the first time, as a mom. Jordan is excited to be a part of this wonderful group of ladies at The Disney Moms! See more of Jordan’s writing on her blog, Speaking of Disney.

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