How to LOVE Time Spent In Line for a Disney Attraction

English: Entrance of Toy Story Midway Mania in...

English: Entrance of Toy Story Midway Mania in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Français : Entrée de Toy Story Midway Mania aux Disney’s Hollywood Studios. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For guests of the Disney theme parks, it quickly becomes no secret that a large part of your day spent in the theme parks is spent standing in line.  To aid the guests, Disney has the attraction wait times posted outside of nearly all of their attractions.  This will help with planning.  For instance, if you have dining plans in 30 minutes and the wait time posted on the attraction is 45 minutes, you should simply pass up riding that attraction before dining.


But once you have committed to standing in the line for the posted wait time, what will you do with all of the TIME spent standing and waiting for your turn to ride?!?  Here are a few suggestions:


  • Take in the details of the attraction queue.  The queue for Toy Story Midway Mania is a perfect example of a space that is entertaining.
  • Talk with people in line in front or behind you (who want to talk).  It is always great to hear other people’s stories of their day’s fun in Disney!
  • Hunt for Hidden Mickeys.  If you are unfamiliar with Hidden Mickeys, they are typically three circles which make up the head of Mickey Mouse.  The Hidden Mickeys are hidden within the queues, attractions, restaurants, etc. throughout the theme parks.
  • Catch up on emails or text.  Be aware of your battery though!  Nothing is worse than having your phone die at 4:00 in the afternoon.  (I personally use an extra battery pack to prevent this.)
  • Take photos.  You can find a wide variety of fun things to photograph while standing in line.
  • Play a travel game.  Games such as Apples to Apples offer hilarity, while a game such as Trivial Pursuit helps to test your memory.  Simply take along the cards and choose to keep score or not!
  • Plan which attraction, etc. you will experience next!  You can spend quite a bit of time taking in all of the information on the maps.
  • Eat a snack or meal while waiting.  Nothing can pass the time like a Mickey Ears ice cream bar!


The bottom line, remember you are on vacation!  Make it fun and entertaining as only you know how to do!  Please share how you love your time you spend in line waiting for a Disney attraction.




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I live in Tennessee as a wife, mother, writer, and CPA. I enjoy writing articles about Disney and other favorite travel destinations. Find me on Twitter and Facebook. Also, be sure to check out my book Strategies for Paying for Disney where you can learn how to save your money so you can afford the Disney vacation you want!
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One Response to How to LOVE Time Spent In Line for a Disney Attraction

  1. Sharon says:

    We like to play a version of 20 questions…”I’m thinking of a Disney…….attraction, character, movie, etc”. We take turns asking yes or no questions until someone guesses….still family time!

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