Driving to Walt Disney World With Kids

Do you drive to Walt Disney World with your family?  We typically do.  It’s about a 10 hour drive from our front door to WDW.  We try to drive interstates the whole way and we try to make as few stops as possible!  The faster we get there, the faster we begin playing in our happy place.  The only downside is we are all in the car together for 10 hours!

So, how do we “keep the peace” while we are traveling?  I’ll share some of the distractions we use for the boys during our travels.  Some of these can also be used on a plane trip!

  1. I always pack goody bags for the boys with Disney themed games, books, coloring books, movies, snacks, etc.  You can see an example above.  I have put everything in the bag at the start of the trip and I have slowly given the treats as we travel.  Both worked fine for us.
  2. When you do have to stop, make it a multi-purpose stop!  Get gas, snacks, and use the restroom all at the same time.  Stop for lunch and let the kids run around on the playground if you are eating fast food or in the grass at a rest stop for a picnic.
  3. Play group games in the car: I spy, car bingo, the ABC game, the color game, or the license tag game.  Include as many family members as possible.
  4. Make a Disney themed playlist or CD for the car ride.
  5. Watch a Disney movie in the car or listen to a Disney book on CD.
  6. If your kids are older, bring a hand held game system for them to play.
  7. Consider making some sort of “payment” or reward system for good behavior.  Pay the kids with tokens that can be used for souvenirs at the destination.  Or clip clothespins with each kids name on the sun visor and remove when they misbehave.  Reward the kids at each stop who still have their clip up.

For additional ideas search on Pinterest for “Car Trip”, “Car Travel with Kids”, etc or see what I have pinned here!

What ideas do you have for keeping your kids occupied as you travel to Walt Disney World?

About Beth Green

I'm a mom to 3 boys (newborn, 3 and 11), wife, full time youth minister, Auburn University grad and lover of all things Disney! I live in North Alabama and try to visit Walt Disney World as often as possible! You can find my personal Disney blog at http://www.ADisneyMomsThoughts.com/
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