How Do Moms Relax when Vacationing in Disney?

You’ve just spent hundreds of hours planning your perfect Disney vacation.  So far things are going off without a hitch – the kids are getting along wonderfully, your hubby’s doing everything right and you’re ready for a little bit of a break to enjoy your vacation.  Yes Mom – you’re on vacation too!  So what should you do?

  • Explore your resort.  Take some time to enjoy the walkways or common areas of the resort.  Walk the “long way” to refill your refillable drink mug or when you’re heading to grab something to eat.  The landscaping’s amazing at the resort and you never know when you’ll spot a Hidden Mickey!
  • Splurge.  When your budget allows, take advantage of the amazing spa services Disney has to offer.  For those tomboys, book some time with the Richard Petty Driving Experience in the Magic Kingdom parking lot.  Either way, you’ll enjoy every second!
  • People watch.  Let your significant other take the kids on Nemo for the fourth time while you enjoy some sunshine (or a nice shady spot) and people watch.  Disney does an amazing job on the details and  it’s amazing the things you notice when you’re not worried about keeping track of a child (or two or three or more!).
  • Must do.  I’m sure in all your research you found at least one thing in each of the parks that you really wanted to do.  Make it a point to see or do those things.  You never really know how much your family members  might love it until they try it out.
  • Shopping!  You didn’t think I’d leave that out did you?  Even if you don’t buy anything, take a second to wander through the different stores.  There’s some awesome artwork and displays inside those stores that you might otherwise miss out on.
  • Take a ride.  Jump on a monorail and just ride the loop a couple of times.  You’ll get some awesome views of the parks and hopefully a bit of peace and quiet.
  • Hit the pool.  Just about every Disney resort has an “adult only” pool or at least some “quiet” hours.  Take advantage of that time to be an adult.

What do you do when you need (or want) a minute to yourself while you’re at a Disney park?

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