The Disney Moms: Getting Ready for the Food & Wine Festival!


My Dreams of Disney

Last year, my family was blessed to be able to make a long weekend out of a school teacher workday, and we were able to attend the opening day of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, as well as celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World!  That was such a wonderful weekend, I thought I would take a little time this month to share with you some of the fun we had, just in case you were planning on attending this year!

My Dreams of Disney

The first thing you should know is that the weather was absolutely incredible for our long weekend!  Beautiful sunshine, warm but not too warm temperatures, and hardly a cloud in the sky all contributed to some absolutely incredible memories.  It was as if the Disney Magic was turned up so high that it even affected the weather!  Then, my shot of my daughter Sophie, my niece Stephanie, and Snow White was as perfect as it could be, and they waited to see Snow probably at most 5 minutes to get their picture taken!

My Dreams of Disney

Another thing that is neat about the Food and Wine Festival is that the parks are getting all geared up for their fall season.  As a result, there is all sorts of Halloween merchandise available that you won’t find if you travel to Disney during the summer months.

My Dreams of Disney

But let’s face facts here: the people that come to the Food & Wine Festival are here to sample the great treats that you can find during this time!  There are several different approaches to take for this.  For example, a lot of people purchase the Disney Dining Plan — Quick Service is best for this — so that they can just use snack credits for the food they buy.  Some people purchase the special gift card that they wear on their wrist to make it easier to pay for the snacks they purchase.  Of course, some people just carry cash or their own credit card to pay for their snacks.

When we went last year, by far the snack I enjoyed more then anything was the Swedish Meatballs; they were so good, they reminded me of the Traditional Kjottkake from Akershus Royal Banquet Hall.  If you are on the fence about whether you should attend this special event, if you are able to do so, I highly recommend that you do so!  There is so much going on, it is an incredible event to explore if you can get down there.

Have you ever been to the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival?  Are you going this year for the first time?  Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook Page, and have fun!  Thanks for stopping by The Disney Moms!

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4 Responses to The Disney Moms: Getting Ready for the Food & Wine Festival!

  1. disneymomheidi says:

    Great article, Mike – and you did capture a wonderful picture of “your girls” with Snow White! I’d love to visit during the Food & Wine Festival some year – in fact, Ashley and I are “tentatively” planning to do this – just the two of us – in 2015.

  2. Jordan says:

    Husband, Lil’ and I will be at WDW this year for 10 nights where we will intersect with not only the Wine & Food Festival but we will also get to see the Fall/Halloween decor AND the Christmas decor!!! Because Lil’ is so young, we are going to skip the late night parties available for us to attend and make that a reason to come back in the future when he is a little older (although I really want to go so bad this year)! With all these events going on, it is like we are getting 3 trips in one! We will make an entire morning or afternoon of the Wine & Food Festival though and looking forward to it!!! Thanks for the review!

  3. Christine says:

    Looking forward to the Food and Wine Festival this year! Do you know where I can purchase the wrist-wearable gift cards? Thanks!

  4. Sue Moyer says:

    We love the festival and the bands. Can’t wait to go on Thursday as a preview.

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