Shareholders Club at Disneyland Paris

English: Studio 1 in 2010 (Walt Disney Studios...

English: Studio 1 in 2010 (Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris, France) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last month I wrote a review about our first family trip to Disneyland Paris. We had a fantastic time overall, and one of the things which greatly added to this was becoming a DLP shareholder and joining the Share Club.  To join, you must buy shares in Euro Disney SCA, the operating group behind Disneyland Paris.

These are the main benefits of joining the Shareholders’ Club:

  • Discount on rooms in the onsite hotels. It is advisable to still check for offers through the official Disney site though as these are still often better value.
  • Discount on part tickets- although if you book a stay at DLP through their own site, park tickets are included.
  • Discount at the Disney-owned table service restaurants and shops at DLP (currently 15% in most places, 10% in the Earl of Sandwich). There are no discounts in the Franchises such as Rainforest Cafe and Starbucks at the moment, or counter servicer eateries. Also not in the carts in the Parks as the Cast Members do need to call for a supervisor to put the discount through the till. This did mean there was sometimes a bit of a wait but it was never an issue. It is advisable to carry ID with you too incase you get asked, I wasn’t but I have heard they sometimes do.
  • Discount at Disney Stores in the UK (currently 10%).
  • Offers on annual passes, golf, spa treatments, guided tours, Panoramagique flights, and La Vallee village.
  • There are also shareholder events but these are over at DLP. Recently there was a special preview of Brave with hugely discounted prices on rooms in 3 of the hotels.

One of the other major perks of being a Shareholder and a member of the Shareholders club is access to a members only private lounge. This little gem is called Salon Mickey and is located on the far right side of entrance turnstiles of the Disneyland Park. If you didn’t know what it was, you wouldn’t know it was there! You have to knock on the door and show both your Members card and park ticket. The very smart CM then shows you into the lounge (which is Victoriana style) with comfy arm chairs and a fireplace with Walts bust smiling down at you. You are then offered a choice of yummy cakes (the chocolate and nut pastry was worth the share price alone) and you help yourself to tea, coffee, juice and water, all free of charge. When you have finished, you collect your card and tickets, and are showed through a side door and into the park, no queue. Fantastic. Salon Mickey is open from 9am to 12pm and really makes a very pleasant visit.

There are also from time to time, bonus benefits for members, one of which we were very lucky to partake in during our visit. We had a VIP Fast Pass one morning with unlimited Fast Pass access on all Fast Pass rides for up to 4 people in our party. That was amazing.

Overall? I got my money back and more with the savings we made. A great decision. And I’m proud to say I own a bit of Disney!


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2 Responses to Shareholders Club at Disneyland Paris

  1. devilrays98 says:

    What an excellent article. I think I will buy some shares now myself!

  2. I wonder are their any such perks for buying regular disney stock at either of the us parks?

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