Traveling To Disney Solo? It’s OK!

Have you taken advantage of the new feature here at The Disney Moms yet?  If not, let me introduce you to our “Ask a Question” tab … by clicking it, you’ll be taken to a simple form where you can ask us any Disney-related questions that you might have.  Your questions will then be featured in an upcoming post — along with the answer!  (If it’s a time-sensitive question, please let us know.)

Today’s question comes from Marlena, who asks:

 “I am coming to Disney world solo in Sept 2012. Any tips for meeting others? I’m very nervous to do this but my travel partner cancelled and my air tickets are paid for as well as my room. Any tips would be appreciated!”

Now, I must preface my answer with this — I am not a loner.  I don’t do well alone.  I don’t eat out or go to the movies alone, ever.  However, when it comes to a trip to Walt Disney World, while I have not yet done it alone, I’m not opposed to the idea.  So, I’ve done a little bit of research, and here are some tips & tricks for meeting others and making new Disney friends:

  • There is a special board over on the DISboards, devoted to single travelers.  If you’re not already a member at the DISboards, I’d recommending joining the site.  There are discussions about everything you can think of (Disney-related) and some things that might have never crossed your mind.  You can share your travel dates and ask if anyone else might be traveling solo at the same time.  Plan a meet up.  (Of course, this is an “at your own risk” thing – so make sure you plan your meet-up in a central, high-traffic location.)
  • Do you have a blog?  Or do you have Disney connections on FB?  Ask around – maybe someone else would be willing to travel with you or meet you at the parks.
  • When dining, ask about bar seating at the various restaurants.  Often times, this is where you’ll find other solo travelers.  If you’re bold enough, strike up a conversation.  You just might leave with a new friend!
  • Some of the more popular attractions (such as  Rock ‘N’ Rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios, Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom, and Test Track at Epcot) have “Single Rider” lines.  Not only do these lines tend to move much faster than the other lines, but they tend to be full of single riders/travelers (as the name suggests).  Again, strike up a conversation with your line-mates.
  • There are several venues on Disney property where you’ll find some adult entertainment – whether it be someplace with live entertainment (such as Raglan Road or House of Blues at Downtown Disney, or just a bar at one of the monorail resorts.  Enjoy a drink, some relaxation, and the atmosphere!
  • If money isn’t an option, sign up for one of the backstage tours.  There are many tours available – they vary in length and price – but there’s sure to be something that will fit your needs and interests.  The smaller size of the tour group would make meeting new friends much simpler and less intimidating.

There really are some positive aspects of a solo Disney vacation!  Here are some of the great advantages that I can think of:

  • You set your own schedule!  You are in charge of what time you start and end your day.  You decide exactly what attractions you want to see.  You decide where you want to eat.  It’s all you!
  • You can take time to relax and treat yourself.  Maybe you want to spend some quiet time by the pool.  Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a day at the spa.  Do it!
  • You can take lots of pictures (even if you’re not into photography, take them with your phone!).  Pictures help keep the memories alive long after your trip has ended.  Reminder: if you take a camera, the Photopass photographers throughout the parks are always happy to snap a picture using your camera.
  • When traveling alone, you don’t have to worry about finding plenty of seating room anywhere – restaurants, buses, etc.  One person can squeeze in almost anywhere!
  • And last, but certainly not least, you’ll have nobody to argue with during your trip!

Disney is a very friendly place!  Even when you’re alone, you don’t feel alone at Disney.  There’s always a friendly, smiling face somewhere.  So go!  Enjoy that solo trip!  Then come back and tell us all about it!

If anyone else has any special tips & tricks for traveling solo at The World, please leave them in the comments!  Thanks!


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I'm a stay-at-home, work-at-home, homeschooling mom. I live in central PA with my husband and 3 great kids (ages 18, 11, and 5). We all love Walt Disney World and visit as often as our schedule and finances allow! I like sharing my passion for Disney with others, and meeting new Disney-loving friends. You can find my personal blog at
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3 Responses to Traveling To Disney Solo? It’s OK!

  1. Marlena – I have travelled solo to Disney multiple times. In fact now I get one solo weekend trip a year just for my self. To me it is a perk. I can do what I want rather than what my family wants. I can go to the spa, have a leisurely lunch, or just enjoy the parks. And people are so friendly I and up never feeling really alone.

    I do recommend grabbing a Grey Goose slush in France and sitting at one of the tables by the water. Perfect way to spend a little alone time!!

    • disneymomheidi says:

      Hi, Mary! I was hoping that you’d chime in on this one. I kept thinking of you as I wrote up this post – and almost contacted you for suggestions! So thanks!

      Maybe one of these days I can take a solo trip – with you!

  2. disneynine says:

    Great post and really informative, I’m sure lots of people will find this useful 🙂

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