Off Property Options – Windsor Hills

A few years ago, I needed to find a place for my husband, our son, and my parents to all stay.  Or, look at the possibility of multiple rooms.  With our plan of running the Walt Disney World Half Marathon, we knew we would need to leave our room around 3 a.m., so sharing a room with a little one wasn’t an option.  Multiple rooms, suites, DVC rentals – the prices for all these added up quickly, when I found another option:

Home rentals.

I started researching when I discovered Windsor Hills – considered the closest rental properties to the Walt Disney World resort, they’re only 4 miles from the Animal Kingdom and not much further from the other parks.  Of course, this means a car rental is a must, but we prefer to have a car most of the time, so we were okay with this.

I started finding rent-by-owners, rent-by-managers, and ended up renting one by owner that was managed by a respected company.  A 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, full kitchen unit with a personal pool (though after 2 January stays in the same unit, we have never even put a toe in the pool!).  Decorations vary unit by unit – some very Disney, some classy.  Our rental always had a nice mix and the price?  Unbeatable.  We stayed for a week for under $1000(*with military discount – never hurts to ask).

We grocery shopped at the local Super Target, stocked up our fridge, and ate breakfast and occasional other meals in our own “home.”  Any leftovers from meals, we could also bring home to our full-size fridge, reheat in our microwave, and eat on real plates!  Plus, with a little guy (13 months the first time, 25 the second), getting away from the parks, to me, is okay.  It was nice to head back and get him to bed and having our own time to unwind.

Other great aspects of the Windsor Hills Resort include a gigantic pool area (which, again since we’ve stayed there in January, we haven’t experienced), a nice open area which we’ve enjoyed running around, and a great playground – filled with other kids.

Now, if I could only buy one of these and live there full time…

If you’re in need of more space and looking to save money, make sure to check out these resorts.  They’re a fantastic value and can be a very enjoyable way to stay on a long vacation!


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With family in Florida, Jenn started traveling to WDW as a baby and hasn't stopped. The mom of 2 boys, her 2 year old has now visited WDW 4 times and her infant will take his first trip at 10 months old. Visit Jenn at her daily homeDisney Babies Blog, to share tips, tricks, and reasons that visiting with babies and toddlers IS a great idea!
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