Looking to Show the World You Love Disney? Put Something Here…

Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess.com

There are Disney fans, and then there are Disney fans! You know the kind…Disney t-shirt, Mickey Mouse ear rings, Cinderella Castle key ring, and what is that on their car? You guessed it…something Disney. We spend an awful lot of time driving our kids around. What better place to show the world you are a real Disney fan than by decorating your car?

We asked some of the Disney Moms on Facebook how they decorated their cars Disney, and we got some great responses.

Amanda Mann,  a Disney Travel agent, has several Disney stickers on her car.

Amanda said people stop her in gas stations to ask about her Disney stickers,  “I grew up loving Disney and for the longest time couldn’t figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up…then it hit me! I can help make memories every single day and share something I love and am passionate about. Being a Disney Travel Expert is the PERFECT job. I love my stickers!”

Casie Crowder sent us this photo of the inside of her car. “This is my festive rear veiw mirror Mickey.  It’s a jingle bell ornament I bought at the Christmas shop at Downtown Disney!”

Casie apparently likes Disney so much she decorated the outside of her car as well, with a vinyl decal set that is definitely unique. Says Casie, “I love my Mickey family….and we completed the “set” with my bouncing baby boy in 2011!”

Lisa Cox has the Disney monorail on her car, pictured below. “In my circle of famiy/friends, I’m the ‘Disney Nut.’ I take that label as the biggest compliment! I LOVE all things Disney. 8(:D)”

Chrissy Cauger said of her car, “I don’t have the traditional Mickey earred people, but I have Mickey/Minnie ears for each member and a DA (Disney addict) Mickey head Stickers on back windsheld and my license plate is I LV DSNY.”

I spotted this Mickey BLT sticker in the parking lot of Epcot in June. I had never seen one of these before.

And of course there is always the traditional painting on the car approach, which is great right before a trip.

And if you have the extra cash, the personalized car tag is a big hit with motorists.

So there you go. Love Disney and run out of room for Mickey t-shirts in your closet? Your car is teh next untapped spot to decorate Disney. Thanks for stopping by the Disney Moms for a fun look at decorating your car with a Disney theme.

Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess.com

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4 Responses to Looking to Show the World You Love Disney? Put Something Here…

  1. kleeyaro says:

    Love the license plates. That’s devotion. But those tattoos you had in a previous post, that’s even more devoted. As I’m writing this, I’m wearing my Magic Kingdom leap year shirt. 🙂

  2. What I want to know is where everyone find’s these car clings… the only one of these I’ve seen for sale in the parks in the monorail one…

    • Try Downtown Disney. They have the people. Also look online at the Disneystore.com. Some of these photos have older discontinued designs, but ebay also sells older items. Thanks for reading!

  3. disneynine says:

    Um, I wear something Disney every day! Clothing, jewellery, purse, bag etc as does DD. Car har mickey Ariel topper and badge. Whole house full of stuff, including mickey soap and room spray in bathrooms … Disneyworld wallet, Tink bag, Mickey phone cover, Mickey keychain always on me lol 🙂

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