Which of the Fab Five are You?

Disney Fab Five

I asked my kids which of Disney’s Fab Five Characters they think represents our family. Each chose a different one, and I think their answers were right on target.

My youngest said he is most like Mickey Mouse. They are both small and cute, adorable really! Both are kind and sweet, always looking out for their friends’ best interest. They are funny but have their serious moments, and both can be a bit rascally sometimes.

My girlie-girl daughter identified with Minnie Mouse, of course. They’re both such fashionistas. Minnie is always donning her best high heels, has just the right amount of rouge blushing her cheeks, and wears adorable pink polka dot dresses. These two polite, soft-spoken girls could easily be besties and are great at putting up with Mickey’s shenanigans.

My oldest has definitely got to be Goofy! Both good-natured guys can be pretty silly and both have a wonderful way of lightening up serious situations. They’re always around when friends need a hand, and they’re both witty and creative.

Next I asked whom Mom and Dad match.

The kids said their dad is like Donald Duck: grumbly and short-fused (after a long day at the Parks) but irresistibly charming. They both make a lot of noise when their feathers get ruffled, but inside beats a heart of gold.

And that leaves me to be Pluto. No, I’m not at all offended to be the family pet, LOL! The kids said that like Pluto, I am smart and sharp and that I am loyal to friends and family. We’re both cuddly and curious, we’re definitely well loved, and we both like to have a good time.

Have some fun with your kids today and ask them which of the Fab Five they relate to. Have them assess Mom and Dad too. You may be surprised at their answers!

Hey moms, Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday. Help your kids make Dad some of these Father’s Day crafts from DisneyFamilyFun.com. This Best-ever Barbecue Apron and the Duct Tape Dollars wallet would be big hits at my house! You may also want to check out the sand art activity over at Magical Mouse Schoolhouse.  I hope all you Disney-loving dads out there have a magical day with your cast of characters!


About Jodi Whisenhunt

I am a Disney-devoted veteran homeschooling mom of 3 and an award-winning freelance writer and editor. Think outside the textbook with me and learn while you play at Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, where Disney IS school!
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