Pregnant at Disney? Here’s a Survival Guide

I’ve been to Disney while I was pregnant. In fact, I pushed a stroller with two toddlers while I was pregnant. It wasn’t that traumatic, in fact, I had a good time. I have a good time at Disney no matter what’s going on. My kids are all way beyond the stroller stage now, which I actually miss. Seven more years, and all mine will be off and gone.

If I had to go back to Disney pregnant, would I? Of course. I might plan a little better though.

Walt Disney World with Kids 2012 gives 6 tips to surviving Disney while you’re pregnant.

1) Meals. Make regular meal stops where you can put your feet up and get out of the heat. Turkey legs are great, but you’ll be standing up while you eat it, so find a shady spot, preferably with a comfortable chair and some air conditioning.

2) Girl, you better get ready to walk! I honestly don’t think you can do a Disney day in under 6-10 miles a day, so you need t start walking WAY before you get to Disney, or your fun factor will decrease exponentially if you are tired and sore the whole time.

3) You need to drink a lot of water throughout the day to prevent dehydration. Keep water bottles in your bag to avoid purchasing a lot of water, and refill those throughout the day.

4) At the Baby Care Centers, there are rocking chairs you can use for a rest. Don’t push yourself too hard.

5) Think real hard about where you will stay. Staying on-property will be easier than staying off-site if you want to take a nap during the day, which I found I needed.

6) Standing still can be more brutal on your body than walking after a while. You can always let your husband stand in line for you and then slip in right before it’s time to get on the ride.

7)Be sure you know where the restrooms are located for each park, so that you don’t have to double back and do more walking to find it.

My tips:
Watch what you eat; avoid too much caffeine and sugar. Disney has all this yummy stuff but it can come back to haunt you after you eat it.

Don’t over-do it, or you’ll feel lousy later on.

Thanks for stopping by the Disney Moms, and let us know if you have any other ideas to help make a trip to Disney while pregnant more fun and enjoyable.


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2 Responses to Pregnant at Disney? Here’s a Survival Guide

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  2. I think by the time you leave Disney, esp. early and late in pregnancy, you will know where all of the bathrooms because you have visited all of them and then some. LOL

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