What To Pack For Walt Disney World

After almost 20 vacations to Walt Disney World I still refer to my packing list as I prepare for a trip.  This is an extensive list, but it helps me as I plan.  We have traveled to WDW as 2 adults with no kids, 2 adults with 1 child, 2 adults with 1 toddler, and 2 adults with 1 child and 1 toddler.  We’ve traveled by plane and in our own car.  We’ve been in summer, fall, winter and spring.  We’ve traveled with free dining and we’ve brought our own food and snacks.  One thing that has stayed consistent is the fact that we always stay on Disney property!  Depending on the circumstances of your trip, you can customize this list to fit your needs.  Happy planning!

Address book and stamps
 (to send postcards)
Airplane Tickets 
(make copies)
Anti-bacterial gel/ holder
 for the backpack
Autograph book and a fat pen

Babywipes (travel size for parks)

Bags ziplock, plastic, trash
Bath toys
Batteries (AAA, AA)

Beach Towels (for water parks)

Blanket (for car/ plane ride)
Books/ Magazine
Camera/ bag, charger and memory stick 

Camping Towel (to dry off wet seats on rides)
Candle/ matches (was nice once when power went off!)
Cards (playing to keep us occupied while waiting)
Cell Phone and Charger
Chap stick SPF/ holder
(to close snack bags and clip resort curtains closed)
Confirmation Numbers (hotel, airplane, dinner reservations)
Contact lenses/ glasses/ Renue

Credit Cards/ ATM
Drivers License/ ID
E-mail Addresses 
(to send emails from certain attractions)
Fan (pocket size for the parks)
Flashlight keychain size (great for dark rides)
Games for line
Glow Sticks
Guide Book/ park maps
 (can’t buy this in the parks!)
Hair Rubber Bands 

Insect repellent

Insurance Cards
Insulated lunchbox (to keep cool snacks cold in the parks)

Laundry Detergent/ dryer sheets

Liquid Soap (I hate using bar soap to wash my hands!)
Lysol (nice if you have a sick one or a foul smell)
Luggage Tags
Nail file/ clippers
Night light
Noise Maker
Park Tickets/ passes
Penny Album
Pocket Binoculars
 (great for Animal Kingdom)
Pool Bag/ toys
Quarters & Pennies in m&m mini tube (for pressed pennies machines)
Safety pins
(for autographs, labeling leftovers, etc)
Sewing Kit
Shout wipes/ tide pen

Smores Stuff (some resorts offer campfires)

Sunglasses/ cord
Surge Protector/ extension cords
Trading Pins/ lanyard 



Video Recorder, charger, battery
Waterproof camera (for pools and waterparks)
Water Bottles

**Clothes for each family member
Bathing suit 

Clothes for all weather- layering
Extra socks, sneakers, Flip flops 
/ sweater 
nice outfit (if you have dining reservations that require it)

brush/ comb
cotton balls/ qtips
make up
shampoo/ conditioner
toothpaste/ brush/ floss 

**First Aid Kit
Anti Itch
Advil/ Tylenol (adult and kids)
Band-Aids- all sizes
Blister Band-Aids
Cold & Flu Stuff (advil)
Cough drops
Doctor numbers from home
Eye Drops
Insect Sting kit
Prescription Medicines (in the original pharmacy containers)
Sinus Meds

Bottled Water

Breakfast Items (oatmeal, pop-tarts, fruit, donuts)
Chips (Pringles are great for backpacks since the containers don’t squish)
Crystal light packs
Fruit snacks
Granola Bars
Juice boxes
Trail mix


About Beth Green

I'm a mom to 3 boys (newborn, 3 and 11), wife, full time youth minister, Auburn University grad and lover of all things Disney! I live in North Alabama and try to visit Walt Disney World as often as possible! You can find my personal Disney blog at http://www.ADisneyMomsThoughts.com/
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4 Responses to What To Pack For Walt Disney World

  1. Julie says:

    Great list! Thanks-

  2. Heather says:

    Thank you for your list. How big of a suitcase to you bring to get all of this in?

    • Beth Green says:

      Between the 4 of us and driving our own SUV, I can cram a lot of things into small spaces! When we travel we barely have any extra room!!

  3. disneymomheidi says:

    Great list! I thought I had my list pretty complete but after reading yours I realized that I had forgotten to write the cell phone charger on it. That would have been bad! Thanks for sharing.

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