Disney Gifts for the Graduate

image courtesy of the Disney Store

My oldest daughter recently completed her senior year of high school.  Her diploma arrived in the mail the other day; and we are busily planning a celebration party (for this coming Sunday).  Yesterday, we created a video to show at the party – complete with pictures of her from newborn – present.  Talk about bittersweet!  Of course, we also have gifts on the brain – because, after all that hard work, a few gifts are in order, right?

This morning, I woke up thinking “Disney gifts!”   And it hit me that, with graduation season in full swing, this would be an appropriate post!  So, if you’ve got a Disney-loving graduate in your life, here are a few gift suggestions:

  1. A Class of 2012 Graduation Mickey Mouse Ear Hat
    We almost bought one of these on our last visit to the park (earlier this year). Now, I’m wishing we would have. We homeschool, and Ashley chose not to have a ceremony (so there will be no cap and gown). Anyway, they are available from the Disney Store for $16.95.
  2. A Disney Watch
    Watches make great gifts anyway, and especially for a graduate.  Why not treat your graduate to a fabulous Disney watch.  They have so many styles to choose from that it’s hard to narrow it down to a favorite.  Check out these selections for girls or guys.
  3. Jewelry

    Chamilia charm
    (image courtesy of the Disney Store)

    I’m not even a jewelry fan, but I could spend hours perusing the various jewelry counters and displays in all the shops on property. I brought home two pairs of earrings on our last trip (and I rarely wear earrings).  There’s just something special about Disney jewelry!  I’d recommend passing up the cheaper costume jewelry and going with something more special.  After all, it is a graduation gift – you want something that will stand the test of time.  A Chamilia charm would be great for someone who already has a bracelet; but there are lots of jewelry options available.

  4. Collectibles
    If you have a graduate who already collects something from Disney, such as pins or Vinylmation, why not add to that collection?
  5. Luggage
    Lots of seniors are preparing to head off on new adventures, whether it be to college or just to travel. Luggage always makes a good gift and Disney has some fun luggage available (you would definitely be able to spot it at the airport!)
  6. Car Accessories

    2012 antenna topper
    (image courtesy of the Disney Store)

    If your graduate has his/her own car, you can never go wrong with car accessories. Our personal favorites are window decals and antenna toppers.  (While the 2012 merchandise isn’t necessarily graduation-specific, I think it’s quite appropriate.)

  7. Electronic Accessories
    Everyone is into electronics these days, and Disney has lots of great accessories to go along with them.  Laptop and iPad sleeves, iPhone 4 cases, earbuds, headphones – you name it!
  8. Picture frames
    And, last but not least, my personal opinion is that you can never go wrong giving a picture frame as a gift (for any occasion!)  We all want to treasure our memories, and what better way than to memorialize them in a frame!

And, of course, if you’re feeling extra generous, a Disney trip would make an awesome gift! 


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I'm a stay-at-home, work-at-home, homeschooling mom. I live in central PA with my husband and 3 great kids (ages 18, 11, and 5). We all love Walt Disney World and visit as often as our schedule and finances allow! I like sharing my passion for Disney with others, and meeting new Disney-loving friends. You can find my personal blog at http://heidi-strawser.com.
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