Staying at the newly renovated Disneyland Hotel

In my last post of the Disney Moms I promised you a review of the new and improved Disneyland hotel ( see here). This week I am going talk about being gluten free while staying at The Disneyland Resorts. Did you know that there are many different gluten free options at all of the Disneyland Resorts whether you are staying at Disney’s Paradise Pier, Disney’s California Grand or The Disneyland Resort; where I recently stayed in the newly renovated Disneyland Hotel. As I let you know in my earlier post in March that I would be staying at the Disneyland Hotel and Resort.

The Disneyland Resort has many activities and when you check in to the resort make sure you ask for a calendar listing all of the fun activities scheduled. We quickly perused the calendar and noticed there was an Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday and knew that my daughter would love to participate so we signed up right as we checked in. We also went for our annual Easter Sunday breakfast at Steakhouse 55, we went to the Pool for an afternoon visit and while taking a break from the park had a late lunch, and of course went back to the park for the parade and dinner. Which I will talk about in a later post’s within the next 2 weeks.
After we checked in to the hotel we went up to our room in the Main tower and we were amazed how spacious and beautiful the rooms have been upgraded. We love staying at the Disneyland Hotel especially during the holidays because they make you feel as if you are part of the Disney family. We were there 3 days and 2 nights and it was just simply fabulous. The rooms all have free Wi-fi, a refrigerator, a coffee pot and coffee cups, complimentary robes for use while at the resort, an in room safe. To top it all off the beds feel like you are sleeping on a cloud; they are that comfortable! All of the beds have down comforters and my daughter miss J had use to the sofa that turns into a bed at the flip of a switch. .
If you looked at how the room looked before to what they look like now, in addition to the upgraded amenities that The Disneyland Hotel has today you will be sure to want to stay at this fabulous resort. The rooms are spacious and sleep 5 comfortably especially if you have 2 Queen Beds; in addition to they have the pull out couch.

The Queen beds have a duvet cover of 500 thread count in a damask finish and if you looked real close there were hidden Mickey’s on the duvet.

I love the new carpets they look like royal carpets that they have installed in the room so fabulous and upscale with the royal blue background and the gold hidden Mickey accents. It looks just magical. The room is decorated with famous pictures of Walt Disney himself walking through the castle and on the other wall there was a great bunch of old historical photo’s of the way Fantasyland looked back in the day when the park was first built.

I also noticed the attention to detail in the bathroom all of the handles on the fixtures were hidden Mickey’s. plus the shower tile if you looked real close there were hidden Mickey’s there too.

Last but not least I loved the alcove next to the bathroom this mirror was a god sent to me and my family while my husband was in the shower we just simply closed the door and I was able to put on my face while my husband was in the shower.

You may also call room service and they too have many gluten free options at many of there restaurants on the property. We personally did not do this on this particular trip however we have done so in the past.

All and all I would always recommend this resort to anyone who has gluten intolerance and or has food allergies. The Disneyland Hotel and Resorts go on beyond the call of duty and wants to make sure that your stay is the most magical stay and you build the most magical memories between you your family and friends.  The Disneyland Resort has recently been given the 5 diamond reward by AAA and is also given a 5 star resort status on numerous websites, and I too believe it is well worth the money to stay here.


About Sheila Fretz

My name is Sheila and I am the founder of Cooking Underwriter. I am an Underwriter by day with a passion for Gluten Free Cooking and Baking. Who happens to love Disneyland Resorts and Walt Disney World for many reasons, The Gluten Free Food Options, The Rides, The Restaurants in addition to the fun that is had by all when visiting. I visit Disneyland an average of two to three times a month and have been to many celebrations there over the years. Including Weddings, Birthday Parties and I also attended the 25th Anniversary Homecoming Party. I currently reside in Los Angeles, California with my husband and daughter. I live about an hour or so from Disneyland.My love of Disney first took hold, when I was a child and my Mom would take us to Disneyland 3 or four times every summer. My family really went to Disneyland in the Spring and Summer but that was always okay. After my husband and I were married and our daughter was born we joined and became annual pass holders and have been visiting frequently over the last 13 years. I also love visiting Walt Disney World which I believe is also full of magic wonderful memories. I haven’t visited Walt Disney World as many times as I have Disneyland but I always have fun when I go.
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