3 out of 4 Kids Want to Do This on Vacation. What is it?

Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess.com

There are lots of books out there to tell you what to do on your Disney vacation. TheUnofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, a book I enjoyed so much I read all 85o pages twice, offered some information about what kids really want to do on vacation.  In a research study with children ages 6 to 17,  71% of kids reported they needed a vacation because school and homework “got them down.” So what do 3 out of 4 kids want to do on vacation?

They want to stay in a hotel or resort.

76% of kids surveyed said they wanted to stay in a hotel on their next vacation. For the vast majority of you, a trip to Orlando is not about staying with Aunt Karen in Kissimmee, but about staying in a hotel, resort, or rental house somewhere. If you’ve been planning this vacation for a while, or even if you are just beginning the planning, why not look through resort photos and let your kids have some input as to where they would like to stay.

You may be able to afford six days in a Disney Value Resort, but you and the kids may enjoy staying just 4 days in a Moderate Resort, if the kids like the pool and the resort amenities better. You would actually save money on food by staying less days.

But before you make any certain plans, let the kids provide you some input as to what they would like. You have the ability to veto it anyway, and hypothetical conversations about Disney World frequently lend themselves to dicussing life, money, and making good choices. Kids can learn a lot from a Disney vacation.

Thanks for stopping by the Disney Moms today, and we’ll see you at the theme parks, right after we get finished swimming in the hotel pool.

Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess.com

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2 Responses to 3 out of 4 Kids Want to Do This on Vacation. What is it?

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  2. Renee D says:

    I agree with your survey. I can’t count how many times we were at the parks and all the kids wanted to do was go back to the resort and swim or go to the arcade

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