Adorable Disney Clothes in Local Stores

If you are headed to Disney sometime in the near future, you may be wondering where you can find some Disney apparel to take with you to wear inside the Parks!  Finding Disney themed clothes is easier than you may think! It seems like almost everytime I am at the Mall or out in some store I am pleasantly surprised by how much Disney is really all around me! Below are some great stores for you to check out:

Target – If you are visiting Disney near any type of Holiday, you will want to visit your local Target!  They normally have adult Mickey and Minnie Shirts themed around whatever holiday is quickly approaching!  Target is reasonable priced too.  I have picked up shirts to take to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party for about 12 bucks!  They also have great Disney themed clothing for  children!  I have picked up countless Minnie and Disney Princess themed clothing for my little girl.  Prices generally range from 12 -18 bucks.

Walmart – I am always pleasantly surprised when I visit Walmart by the amount of Disney Products they seem to be carrying these days! One of the best Disney products I have spied lately seem to be in the pajama department!  They have a great selection of Disney themed pajamas for women lately! I love having new jammies to take on vacation!

Forever 21 – Not only is Forever 21 my FAVORITE store in the world and reasonably priced, I discovered they have a whole rack of Disney clothes! I have seen Minnie Items, Mickey, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy! AND I have also spied some Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast Items as well! Great Great Finds! This store can sometimes be hard to navigate through so your best bet is to just head to their website and type in Disney in the search bar! You can also type in a character specific word if you know exactly what you are looking for!

Local Surf Shops – If you live anywhere close to the beach (I am moving to here in 5 weeks! YAY) there are bound to be some surf shops on your drive home from work – they are everywhere!  I have noticed an increase on the products they carry, including Disney items! If you are looking for some great Disney themed beach towels this is your place to go!  I saw a super cute Minnie Mouse one just yesterday, and it was HUGE! Also Target and Walmart have a great selection of beach towels and swimwear during the summer months!

Your Local Disney Store – This is a never fail stop for when it comes to Disney clothes!  Prices are great and you are going to find exactly what you are looking for! Some of the choices for adults can be limited, but this is a great option for kids!

I am sure Disney wear is around everywhere! But if you are in a hurry these are your go to shops, they always have something Disney around!  It is so fun to be all decked out in Disney clothes while at Disney – it adds to the magic!

Have you spied some Disney clothes at your favorite store? Please share with us in the comment section below!


About Jackie

My name is Jackie and I am a young wife and stay at home mom! I am the writer of the blog Delightfully which is a family travel blog dedicated to all things Walt Disney World! Being a Cosmetologist by trade I love all things hair, makeup and fashion and love incorporating them into daily life.... even at Disney!
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One Response to Adorable Disney Clothes in Local Stores

  1. disneymomheidi says:

    I was just at the Disney Store the other day – so I stocked up on t-shirts for Brian and all three kids. We got Gracie one of those Mickey nerd tees, and it looks so stinkin’ cute on her! LOL We have also scored at Target & Walmart in the past.

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