Altered Clipboards ~ a fun craft idea for older kids

As a stay-at-home, work-at-home, homeschooling mom, I rarely have the time (or make the time) for crafting these days.  That’s unfortunate because I used to love doing crafts and have some kids who would love to help with them as well!  In making plans for an upcoming event that I’ll be attending, I realized that I would need some clipboards for people to use to fill out drawing slips, etc.  And the idea struck me – – – this could be a great way to do some crafting, have fun with the kids, and share my passion for Disney all at the same time.  I wasn’t originally planning to share my clipboards with the general public (because the idea behind them is not original to me) but they turned out cute and would definitely be a great craft project for older kids; so, here you go . . .

Craft Supplies Needed

What you will need:

  • Wooden Clipboard (I found mine for under $1.50)
  • Scrapbook paper in Disney designs (my local Michael’s store had individual sheets, as pictured at right, but I found a book full of Disney papers at my local A.C. Moore; so shop around for what you want)
  • Mod Podge (I chose the matte finish)
  •  Sponge brushes (yes, plural – these are cheap, so buy several)
  • Acrylic paint in colors to compliment your paper (I chose black and red, but ended up only using the black; but, at 2 for $1, I’ll find a use for them later, I’m sure)

Some optional supplies you may also want to use are stickers and ribbon.  The craft stores have a huge selection of Disney stickers in all shapes, sizes, and styles.  I also found a great roll of black ribbon with red and yellow Mickey head shapes on it.

Front of clipboard

Steps for creating your clipboards (I wish I had thought to take pictures of this process):

  • Lay the clipboard out on a table and select the paper(s) you’d like to use on it.  I chose two contrasting, yet coordinating pages for mine.  I also had some pages that were filled with lines of Disney designs and quotes – I cut a few lines from that to coordinate as well (to tie the two different designs together).
  • Once you have chosen your pages, chose a complimentary paint color to paint around the edges (this step is optional).
  • Use the clipboard as a stencil to trace onto your paper.  Trust me when I say the corners don’t have to be exact!  You will need to take the clip into consideration and cut a section of the paper away for that as well.
  • Back of clipboard

    Once your papers are cut and ready to go, you will use your foam brush to spread mod-podge over the clipboard (I just did the area where I was placing the paper).  Lay the paper on and press it down to avoid bubbling (do this by starting in the center and pressing outward – I found using my hands worked best for this).  Repeat this process for the 2nd sheet of paper (and any other layers you may want to add).  I suggest allowing each layer to dry before adding another one.  Once all paper is in place, finish off with another layer of mod-podge.

  • After your clipboard is COMPLETELY dry (if you look closely at the bottom left corner of mine, you can see that mine was not completely dry when I flipped it over to do the back and it stuck to the paper I was using to protect my table!), you are ready to do the back.  This step is optional, but I think it makes the project look much more “finished”.  I had planned to use one of the same pages I had used on the front, but decided another contrasting paper would be even more fun.  My papers were 12×12″, so they weren’t quite long enough to cover the length of the clipboard.  I chose a few more lines of the text paper to finish off the tops; and was very pleased with the end result.

Two more examples of clipboards that we made

While I’m pleased with how they turned out, I’d still like to  get some sandpaper and sand the edges to make them look a bit “used”.  I’d also like to buy some curling ribbon to decorate the clips for added fun effect!  The ribbon I bought lays flat (as you can see in the image above). I think a combination of flat and curly would be more fun.

Projects like this are only limited by your imagination!  This method is not limited to clipboards – you could do this same thing to create picture frames (craft stores sell wooden frames in various shapes and sizes, or you can cover old ones that you have laying around the house), wall art, or treasure boxes.

Little kids can even help with this project.  A fun way to simplify this type of craft for little ones is to tear the decorative papers into small pieces and just layer them on the flat surface.  Years ago we did picture frames like this and my oldest daughter (now 18) still has hers on display in her room.

Crafts like this not only give you a sense of accomplishment, but they are a great way to bring your love of Disney into your home every day!  I’d love to hear your craft ideas, so please leave me a comment.


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I'm a stay-at-home, work-at-home, homeschooling mom. I live in central PA with my husband and 3 great kids (ages 18, 11, and 5). We all love Walt Disney World and visit as often as our schedule and finances allow! I like sharing my passion for Disney with others, and meeting new Disney-loving friends. You can find my personal blog at
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6 Responses to Altered Clipboards ~ a fun craft idea for older kids

  1. says:

    Love this!! Your boards look great! We use clipboards on long car trips for drawing & games.

  2. disneymomheidi says:

    Thanks! What a great idea to take clipboards on long car trips. Why didn’t I ever think of that?!

  3. Love the clipboard idea! I want to do this with my second graders at school. Mine will be Disney inspired without a doubt!

  4. I don’t know why I never thought of Disney scrapbook paper!! Awesome! I recently did one with a Magic Kingdom map and glittery Mod Podge!

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