Field Guide for Fireworks Photography IPhone App has recently introduced an app entitled Field Guide for Fireworks Photography.  This application can be purchased from iTunes app store for $1.99 for an iPhone or iPod Touch.

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This app includes the following features:

  • Field Guide – Gives a basic understanding of the needs for taking a fireworks photo.  The information helps by giving suggestioned ISOs, apetures, etc.
  • Examples – Here you find a variety of photos with information on how the photo was shot to include composition information.
  • Gear – Here you will find a limited discussion of the gear needed for proper photographs.
  • Composition – This section gives three examples and a brief narrative on how to take the shot shown.

I personally felt that the information given here was too elementary and would not help me to create better fireworks.  However, if you have never read books on photography or shot a variety of fireworks displays, you may find the information helpful.

If you have tried this app, feel free to give you opinion as well!


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