Let’s Meet The Disney Mom’s Blogs: Beyond the Attractions!

Here at The Disney Moms, we have an incredible network of friends that we are able to share our love of Disney with.  Since our writers are doing so much for The Disney Moms, it makes perfect sense to share their blogs so you all can see what they have to say there!  Next on our list is my friend Lisa’s blog, Beyond the Attractions!

Beyond the AttractionsMy friend Lisa is the author of Beyond the Attractions: A Guide to Walt Disney World with Preschoolers. Updated yearly, Lisa’s book was conceived to help families with young children to help determine whether or not your little one is ready for that big first trip.  This book is designed for families with children in ages 2-5, and is a great read for all of the tips and inside information you can get about how to make the best trip you can with your little Prince or Princess.

Lisa is a great writer, but an even better person, so if you haven’t checked out her site, I urge you to do so soon, especially if you have little ones!


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One Response to Let’s Meet The Disney Mom’s Blogs: Beyond the Attractions!

  1. Char Conkright says:

    I’m always searching for more Disney Princess fun for my daughter…this new app has everything! My daughter loves dressing up in the Disney Princess outfits, and we’ve sent pictures to all of our relatives! I helped her decorate her own royal carriage, and she even got to dance at the royal ball! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/disney-princess-royal-ball/id562090727?mt=8

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