Orlando Stroller Rental Discounts Available


Orlando Stroller Rental is having a wonder winter sale now to help you save! The new prices are as follows:

1 – 3 Night Rental: $40.00
4-7 Night Rental: $60.00
8-10 Night Rental: $80.00
11-14 Night Rental: $100.00

Rentals are now lowered their rates on the City Single strollers through the end of March.

Here are a few reasons to rent a stroller from Orlando Stroller Rental:

  • These strollers are wonderful, allowing plenty of space for your child to sit comfortably during their vacation to the various parks at Disney World.
  • The strollers are well maintained and cleaned for every guest.
  • The strollers are delivered right to your resort. Should you be changing resorts during your stay, the form at Orlando Stroller Rental allows you to specify a different pickup location.
  • The rates are much better than those found on property at Disney World.
  • You get to take the stroller with you at all times. This allows your child to have use of the stroller on the way to the car, while in Downtown Disney or off Disney property.
  • Your child can use the same stroller the entire time you are traveling.
  • There are drink holders:) And who doesn’t need those!

Be sure to rent a stroller from Orlando Stroller Rental today and let them know that The Disney Moms sent you!

About Natalie H.

I live in Tennessee as a wife, mother, writer, and CPA. I enjoy writing articles about Disney and other favorite travel destinations. Find me on Twitter and Facebook. Also, be sure to check out my book Strategies for Paying for Disney where you can learn how to save your money so you can afford the Disney vacation you want!
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One Response to Orlando Stroller Rental Discounts Available

  1. Laura says:

    Awesome. We are taking the kids next month. Will surely take advantage of it!

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