Let’s Meet The Disney Mom’s Blogs: Meet The Magic

In a new series, we are going to share with you the blogs behind the Moms, so to speak!  Starting us off is the head Mom herself, Natalie, who is the creator of the site Meet the Magic!

My friend Natalie is one of the original members of the Magical Blogorail and the driving force behind The Disney Moms!  In fact, she was the first person that Beth contacted when Beth was creating the Magical Blogorail!  As such, Natalie is a charter member, and that makes her a member of the Magical Blogorail Blue line!

Natalie’s site is devoted to helping you develop strategies for paying for your Disney vacation so that you can Meet The Magic more often!  There is a wealth of information on her site, and it is presented in a clean manner, with a really cool top stories slider!

When Natalie isn’t writing a post on Meet The Magic, or working on her next Magical Blogorail Blue post, or writing a post for The Disney Moms, you can also find her working with our friend Kristen over at Sorcerer Radio on the hit show Castaway Midday!

Natalie is a great person and a terrific blogger!  If you are looking for ways to help pay for your Disney vacation, check out her site!

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