The Sock Bun for Looking Great While in Disney World

Hey Guys! Thanks for joining me for another beauty tip! Today I have a really fun hairstyle that stays fresh all day at the parks, even when it’s hot out!  This is a great option for ladies with medium to long hair.

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About Jackie

My name is Jackie and I am a young wife and stay at home mom! I am the writer of the blog Delightfully which is a family travel blog dedicated to all things Walt Disney World! Being a Cosmetologist by trade I love all things hair, makeup and fashion and love incorporating them into daily life.... even at Disney!
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7 Responses to The Sock Bun for Looking Great While in Disney World

  1. Jodi Whisenhunt says:

    That’s awesome, Jackie! I always have to put my hair up or else I get “Florida hair,” lol! That looks super cute & super easy!

  2. Natalie says:

    I cut a sock this am and sport the sock bun now for my day at work. I still need to practice my roll technique though!

  3. Beth Green says:

    so cute! I tried this before I cut my hair off… I couldn’t get it to work… but that was before I saw your tutorial! I also read you can do the sock bun high on your head and sleep in it to make curls for the next day! 🙂

  4. Bird says:

    Very cute! My hair is too short, but I love the look!

  5. My hair is just getting long enough to try this so I will be giving it a shot this weekend.

  6. oh i’d love to do that but my hair is so thick i have it layered 😦 not sure if it’d work well with layers

  7. Heidi says:

    So stinkin’ cute! Almost makes me wish I had long hair!

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