Making Room Requests at a Disney Resort

As they say – it’s all about location, location, location. When staying at a Disney Resort this is especially true.  The resorts can be large and where your room is can have a positive or negative impact on your vacation.  So put some thought into where you are staying.

When booking a resort you can request a specific location. This can be an area, a specific building, or even a specific room.  Disney does not guarantee they can meet your request but they do try.  So always give them your first and second preference.The first thing I do when I decide which resort we will be staying at is to google for the resort map.  Once I have that in front of me I start to figure out what is the best location for this trip.

Things you may want to think about as preferences:
  • Close to the Lobby/Restaurants – This location is great if you know you will be making

    Disney's Pop Century Quiet Pool

    frequent trips to the lobby area for food or to refill those cute mugs.  There is also typically shopping and an arcade here.  Lots of times the closest rooms are classified preferred.  But if you look carefully you can request a standard room that is pretty close too.

  • Close to the Bus Stop – This helps if you do not have a car.  And note: the bus stops may or may not be close to the Lobby/Restaurants.
  • Close to the Main Pool – This helps if you know you will be coming back in those afternoon hours for a dip.

    Disney's Pop Century Playground

  • Close to a Quiet Pool – If you are traveling without kids or with toddlers sometimes the quiet pool is the better choice.
  • Close to the Laundry Room – This is great for those of you with young children and toddlers.  Odds are you’ll find your way there eventually.  It also is helpful if you don’t want to pay those pesky luggage fees.
  • Close to a Playground – Some children need to let off steam and run around. (this was a must for mine this last trip)
  • Upper or Lower Floor – If you have a preference, note it.
  • Further away from High Traffic Areas – This is great for those light sleepers.

I am sure I have missed something, so think about where you may want your room to be.  It doesn’t hurt to ask and Disney will try to make your vacation the best ever!


About Mary at Capturing Magical Memories

Hi! I'm Mary and my blog is I am also the wife of a Disney Travel Agent, a mom to 2 boys, a full-time career mom, a budding graphic designer on the side. In the little free time that is left I love to learn about photography. We currently live in Houston, TX and own Disney Vacation Club.
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4 Responses to Making Room Requests at a Disney Resort

  1. Natalie H. says:

    I tend to forget about room requests until I at check in. However, I have had pretty good success in getting the request right then! I have even been given preferred rooms at no extra charge when at Pop Century in response to a request for a closer room to the lobby. Ask, they can only say yes or no!

  2. Anne Marie says:

    Awesome suggestions. It never occurred to me to do this. A Disney resort stay has been and will continue to be on my wish list … so this will come in handy if … I mean, WHEN my dreams come true!

  3. gaylin says:

    I have made requests at Pop and always gotten what I asked for. Top floor, first floor, 70’s or 50’s. Just to get different experiences!

  4. Beth Green says:

    great post- never really thought about making a request!

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