Another Gluten Free visit to Disneyland

Hello all from Sunny Southern California! Today we are at Disneyland celebrating the New Year and taking in the Christmas decorations one last time.

As I promised you in my last post I would get you a copy of the Celiac Offerings available at Disneyland Resorts. As you can see from this attached document these change quiet frequently and this one is only good until January 6, 2012. So I will try to get you an updated version as soon as it becomes available.

On this visit we plan to have breakfast at Steak House 55 they have fabulous Gluten Free options such as these great Waffles with Fresh Fruit. This is a great place for Breakfast and Dinner because of all of the Gluten Free Options.

We will go on lots of rides and attractions then, then we will go have a late lunch. In the late afternoon as always we will stop by The Story Tellers Café for a fabulous snack, appetizer or dessert, I personally love The Gluten Free Cupcakes.

What will your next visit entail on your next visit to Disneyland?


About Sheila Fretz

My name is Sheila and I am the founder of Cooking Underwriter. I am an Underwriter by day with a passion for Gluten Free Cooking and Baking. Who happens to love Disneyland Resorts and Walt Disney World for many reasons, The Gluten Free Food Options, The Rides, The Restaurants in addition to the fun that is had by all when visiting. I visit Disneyland an average of two to three times a month and have been to many celebrations there over the years. Including Weddings, Birthday Parties and I also attended the 25th Anniversary Homecoming Party. I currently reside in Los Angeles, California with my husband and daughter. I live about an hour or so from Disneyland.My love of Disney first took hold, when I was a child and my Mom would take us to Disneyland 3 or four times every summer. My family really went to Disneyland in the Spring and Summer but that was always okay. After my husband and I were married and our daughter was born we joined and became annual pass holders and have been visiting frequently over the last 13 years. I also love visiting Walt Disney World which I believe is also full of magic wonderful memories. I haven’t visited Walt Disney World as many times as I have Disneyland but I always have fun when I go.
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