Understanding the Disney Dining Plan

Disney theme parks are in a class by themselves when it comes to food. You simply can’t compare Disney dining options to typical theme park fare. When you purchase a Magic Your Way package, you have the option of purchasing the Disney Dining Plan as well. The dining plan essentially allows you to pre-pay for your meals, making your vacation easier to budget for and reducing the hassle and stress while you’re at the resort.

Disney Princess Storybook Dining

Just one of many table service options at the Walt Disney World resort. Photo courtesy of Bill Barber.

The Disney Dining Plan makes your vacation simpler, but choosing the right version of the dining plan can get complicated. Dining options at Disney parks are divided into four categories:

Signature Dining – these are formal restaurants designed for special occasions and guests who enjoy luxurious dining. Most signature dining spots either do not accept the Disney Dining Plan or count as two meals.

Table Service – these are sit-down restaurants that vary from a casual family oriented atmosphere to semi-formal. Each table service meal includes an appetizer (for guests ages 3-9), entrée, dessert (lunch and dinner only), and non-alcoholic beverage, or a full buffet meal.

Quick Service – quick service dining spots are set up more like fast food or mall food court restaurants. You walk up to a counter, order your food, and take it to your table. That’s where the comparison ends though! The food at quick service restaurants is generally high-quality and delicious. Each quick service meal includes an entrée, dessert (lunch and dinner only) and non-alcoholic beverage.

Snack Service – you can find a wide variety of foods that qualify as snacks on the Disney Dining Plan, including ice cream, popcorn, soft drinks, coffee, and more. Most food items available on outdoor carts, bakeries, and candy shops are considered snacks.

The Disney Dining Plan gives each guest a set number of meals of each type per day:

  • Quick Service Dining Plan provides two quick service meals and one snack per guest per day.
  • Disney Dining Plan includes one table service meal, one quick service meal, and one snack per guest per day.
  • Deluxe Dining Plan gives each guest three meals (either table service or quick service) and two snacks per day.

Children under 3 are not eligible for the Disney Dining Plan, but they can share with an adult for no extra charge. Don’t worry about running out of food – there’s more than enough to share, and your server will be happy to provide an extra plate for your little one.

Most character dining experiences count as one table-service meal. Dinner shows, such as the Disney’s Spirit of Aloha, count as two meals.


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