EPCOT The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Attraction – The Seas with Nemo and Friends Nemo

Age of Child – 18 months

Experience – Walking up to the Pavilion with my 18 month old son, he was immediately attracted to the colors and ambiance.  The shooting water and talking Seagulls instantly captivated him.  Once we entered the building, we headed directly to the attraction, as this ride rarely has a line.

Sitting down in a clam shell, we immediately began searching for Nemo, as the characters are super imposed over the gigantic Aquarium held inside that pavilion.  Whether it was the characters, the music “The Big Blue World” – also heard in the stage show in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, my son adored attraction.  In fact, with his words “more please” we rode this 3 times in a row.  Even the Cast Member laughed at us the third time.

While not the most exciting attraction for the adults and probably not teenagers, this one appreciated at 12 months but loved at 18 months.

Grade – B+


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With family in Florida, Jenn started traveling to WDW as a baby and hasn't stopped. The mom of 2 boys, her 2 year old has now visited WDW 4 times and her infant will take his first trip at 10 months old. Visit Jenn at her daily homeDisney Babies Blog, to share tips, tricks, and reasons that visiting with babies and toddlers IS a great idea!
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